What is Information systems, Information Technology, and information systems?

Recently, at VCU's major mixer, we had a lot of students ask what this organization is about. It is not only about IT. We cater to both Information Systems and Computer Science students, and we accept all other majors and classifications, anyone who has a desire to learn more about technology.

what is Information Systems, Information Technology, and Computer Science?

Computer Science requires programming knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the inner-workings of a computer. Computer scientists solve real world problems, designing computer systems, using algorithms and more. For a better definition, please refer to Wikipedia.

Information Technology (IT) is different from Information Systems (IS). IT falls under the umbrella of Information systems and specifically looks at the technology required for information systems to work.

Information Systems is an umbrella term for systems, people, and processes; a way to store and provide critical information to businesses. Information Systems is a critical functional unit of a business organization. With business executives on one end of the spectrum, and IT personnel on the other end, IS employees would use the technology to create effective systems to supply the business end with needed information about competition, strategy, human resources, streamline business operations and decision making, etc. In other words, those who work in Information Systems, use technology to solve business problems.

An Information Systems department is necessary not only in businesses, but in universities, hospitals, the automotive industry, and any industry or company that requires the need for information. Thus, IS employees are highly valuable, but they do need to understand both the business "workings" and the IT side of the business.

Having some programming skills, in whatever field you are in, will make you a competitive employee.

Since Information Systems is an umbrella term for so much, what can you do with a major in it?

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Application Development
  2. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  3. Business Intelligence/Data Mining
  4. Big Data (also includes above)
  5. Information Security (or Cyber Security)
  6. Geographic Information Systems
  7. Bioinformatics
  8. IT
  9. Consultant
  10. Systems Analyst
  11. Systems Developer
  12. Programmer
  13. Systems Engineer
  14. Database Administrator
  15. Mobile Development

This is not a comprehensive list, but I hope this gives you an idea that anything is possible with IS.

To learn more about the difference between Computer Science and Information Systems, check this out.