What is AITP?

AITP or Association of Information Technology Professionals is a leading world wide society of IT professionals. At VCU AITP, we educate, prepare, and network to help prepare our members for a career in IT. We accept students of all majors and disciplines, graduates and undergraduates, students interested in technology, and those who make a career out of it.

Technology is all around us, and whatever your major is, you can become far more competitive in the workplace if you know how to use technology effectively, and if you know more "IT" than others in your field.

At AITP's "Networking Night"

Who Are We?

We are a professional organization for all students, graduates and undergraduates of all majors and disciplines. Our parent organization is aitp.org.

We strive to provide you with the means to be successful in your future career. Whether it be networking with company representatives or your fellow students, or learning from accomplished professionals and interesting presentations, AITP creates an environment where students can become better professionals.


VCU Career Fair (Fall 2018)


What do we do?

We hold many events from networking and career events, to volunteer opportunities, and exciting presentations.


Snead Room B2165, where most of our events take place.

Snead Room B2165, where most of our events take place.

Join today

Membership is only $20/year or $15/semester. With membership, you gain access to all events for the semester, you get our new AITP t-shirt, and the fees cover the food at AITP events throughout the semester. To join you can meet us at an event, in person outside of AITP, or through Venmo at AITPVCU. Feel free to join by clicking here. We hope to see you around.


Fall 2018 T-Shirt Design